18 June 2013

Blogger Template Experiment 1: Boxy Style Blogger Template

18 June 2013
So I've decided to share one of my favorite simple blogger templates. It's based on styles and layouts I've used in the past for my main blog. I've always liked boxy and structured layouts because they look so neat and organized!

You can easily customize this template using the blogger template designer.

Demo | XML File

You know how this works. Back up your template first, then upload the XML file of the template above.

To add your social media icons, you can refer to this tutorial.

If you're having problems with installation, let me know! :)

9/10/2013 IMPORTANT: I uploaded an updated version of the XML file. I just realized the old version had third party codes that are not supposed to be there. You'll have to upload this new one. So sorry about that!


  1. thank you so much for this free template. I love it. so everytime I make a post an image of you with an about the author pops up. I am so thankful for your design, but is it possible to change that?

    1. Oh crap really? Sorry about that! I've checked the template again and re-uploaded it. Try downloading the XML file again and see if the About the Author has been removed.

    2. By the way, does the author box look similar to the one in my post above? If it does, you will have to remove it in HTML. Go to Template, Edit HTML. Make sure to expand all the code (click on the little arrows on the left). Find About the Author. You'll most probably find it under post-footer-line-3. To delete the author box, you'll have to delete the entire code.. you can let this post guide you as to what the code may look like.

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